Foot pressure mapping

Gold Healthcare uses a high end French pressure plate, Presscam, to analyse the foot weight pressure distribution in diabetic patients in conjunction with trained orthotists from Podiapro ( Excessive pressure zones in diabetic patients are likely to develop sores and ulceration, especially with the prevalence of diabetic foot neuropathy. Early detection of high pressure zones that could be caused by the foot posture deformity can help the patient to prevent future problems by using corrective and protective orthotic footwear. 

Foot weight pressure

We can scan and report for up to 50 patients in 4 hours in two types of acquisitions: postural and dynamic. The postural scan reveals information on postural weight distribution, foot weight pressure distribution and information on the body's stability in static or standing condition. The dynamic scan reveals the foot weight pressure distribution and gait line (center of gravity line) in gait or in walking. These tests reveal important information on the foot posture, balance and the pattern of weight distribution on the soles of the feet.

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